Equipment Transportation Guidelines

Please treat the band equipment with the same care as you would your own personal instrument.  We are liable for equipment damage if we are careless with it.


The big, white plain truck with the automatic lift has more than enough space to carry ALL of our equipment. Therefore, loading to maximize the available space is not needed. However, the equipment must be carefully loaded so that is does not shift during transit and get damaged.


The U-Hall truck with a ramp is barely big enough to carry all of our equipment, especially if we take chairs. Therefore, we must load to maximize the available space, otherwise, it will not fit.


Chairs: Do not stack too many chairs on the chair stands since this causes them to tip over in transit. We need 40 to 50 chairs. Chairs need to be placed against the truck wall to prevent tipping. Chairs tipping over can cause significant equipment damage and make unloading difficult.

Stands: Place all stands facing the same way on the rack so that each rack can hold as many stands as possible. We usually take 3 racks of stands. Pack other equipment around the racks to prevent them from rolling during transit.


Drum Set Box: Removal all snare drums and suspended cymbals off of their stands, and place all parts in the drum set box. Place all loose percussion equipment (crash cymbals, morocco, mallets, sticks, tambourine, triangle, etc) in the drum set box. At least four, able-bodied people are needed to load the drum set box, and two people are needed to roll it. IMPORTANT: Place the drum set box on the truck FIRST, and place it horizontally against the back wall.

Tympani: We need all 4 tympani every time. Two people are need to load the three smaller tympani. Three people are needed to load the largest tympani. Please lock at least one of the wheels on each tympani so that they do not roll during transit. DO NOT TOUCH THE HEAD OF THE TYMPANI WHEN ROLLING OR LOADING. Only handle the tympani by the side support arms. Do not drag the petal when moving the tympani.

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Bass Drum: Two people are needed to load the bass drum.  Please place it directly against the truck wall.  Lock at least one of wheel locks to prevent rolling during transit.


Chimes: Three people are needed to load the chimes, and two people are needed to roll it.

Please place it directly against the truck wall. Lock BOTH sets of wheels to prevent rolling during transit.  Secure the chimes to the truck wall with the band's bungee cords.


Bells: Remove the bells from the stand, and place the bell case and the stand flat on the truck floor.

Percussion Mallet Instruments: Two people are needed to load these instruments. To conserve space, place them side by side in the truck and alternate the direction that they face.  Ask the percussion which mallet instruments are needed for the concert.  Not all mallet instruments are needed for every concert.


Marimba: The marimba (has large, wooden keys) is used some of the time.

Xylophone: The xylophone (has smaller, wooden keys) is used some of the time.

The Vibrophone: The vibes (has large, metal keys) is used some of the time.


Conductor Podium: Place the conductor podium flat on the truck floor or against the truck wall.  Be sure put other equipment around it to prevent it from tipping if it is propted against the  truck wall.