Our Next Concert


Date: There are no concerts scheduled, nor rehearsals until the coronavirus restrictions have been lifted.  Hopefully we can resume rehearsals and performances in January 2021.  All Clarke County Schools are not allowing any type of band rehearsals in the schools.  We will not be allowed to rehearse until the middle school and high school bands are allowed to rehearse.

Location:  TBA

Loading at Johnson Williams Middle School:  TBA

Call Time:  TBA

Concert Time:  TBA

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Band Uniform:  NAVY pants or skirt and the band shirt   Please no khaki pants, shorts, jeans or hats, except for the official band hat.

  • Band shirts are available from Julie for $20.  The new rule is that you must pay $20 for the shirt at time you receive it.  If you cannot afford a shirt, a band shirt scholarship may be possible.
  • Wear a colbalt blue polo shirt if you do not have a band shirt.  Shirts may be picked up during normal business hours at 3052 Valley Ave. #100, Winchester.  For delivery to band rehearsal, call Julie at 722-6700 or send an email j8649@aol.com.