Frequently Asked Questions

How long is rehearsal?  1.5 hours, from 7:30pm to 9:00pm at the Johnson Williams Middle School Band Room.

Do I need to audition to join?  No, there is no entrance audition.

What is the age range of the members?  From high school age to 70 years+.

Do I need to bring a music stand?  No, chairs, stands, music, folders and percussion equipment are provided.

Do you play French Horn or Bass Clarinet and need a horn to play?  The band owns a French Horn and a bass clarinet and will lend them.

What level of music is played?  The band plays a variety of music from easy to moderately difficult.  (Grade 2 to Grade 5)

What style of music is played?  The band plays many styles including marches, show tunes, dixieland, jazz, movie theme and classical.

Do I need to be a professional musician to join?  No, a few members are professional musicians, but most are amateurs.

Are student musicians welcome?  Yes, about one third of the band members are high school students.

How often does the band perform?  About once per month.

What type of events does the band play at?  The band plays at community events and also has formal concerts.

Do I need to attend every rehearsal?  It is important to attend as many rehearsals as possible, but perfect attendance is not expected.

Are there dues join?  No, there is no cost to join. 

Can I decide what part I want to play when I join?  Assignment of parts is made by the section leader and the conductor.

Does the band have a uniform?  Yes, for performances, members wear a Clarke County Community Band shirt (available for $20) and blue pants or skirts.  By participating in the band, you agree to wear dark blue pants or skirt and the CCCB shirt.  Shorts, khaki pants, flip flops and hats (other than the logo band hat) are not permitted attire for concerts.

Can I play a concert even though I have not been to rehearsals?  Performance at a concert is at the discretion of the band director and the section leader.  In general, you do need to attend the dress rehearsal and the rehearsal prior to the dress rehearsal in order to be eligible to play the concert.

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